Futura Cook-n-Serve Bowls

Hard Anodised

Futura Hard Anodised Cook-n-Serve Bowls are ideal for cooking a wide range of Indian and Werstern dishes. The 4 mm thick base and sides of these Cook-n-Serve Bowls spread heat evenly and retain warmth for a long time - making them excellent utensils for both cooking and serving. Cooking and Serving in the same bowl makes good sense - the food stays hot longer and you have less to clean up and less for storage. These bowls are designed for convenient cooking and elegance on the dinning table. The Hard Anodised finish on these bowls will stay looking new for years. Each bowl comes with an instruction manual with 12 tested recipes.


The Futura Nonstick Cook-n-Serve Bowl elegantly offers the concept of Cooking and Serving in Nonstick. The unique combination of 4 mm thick base and sides and superior Nonstick coating allows for a wide variety of food preparation. The Futura Nonstick Cook-n-Serve Bowl is suitable for Biryani, dum cooking, preparing rice, pilau and khichdi, making stews, curries, cabbage rolls, stuffed vegetables, and also for sautéing vegetables, seafood, chicken and meat.